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ShowMeSite Fact Sheet

The ShowMeSite Website: A professional stand-alone website linked to the ShowMe® Network. Utilising our SEO & traffic, your business will be found among the trillions other websites on the internet.


Listing Link Fact Sheet

The ShowMe Listing Link: Showcase your business and boost traffic to your website by buying a Listing Link on ShowMe. Businesses with a good quality website of their own can benefit from the traffic on ShowMe Pretoria by buying a Listing Link…


Feature Listing Fact Sheet

The ShowMe Feature Listing: This Power House Listing gives you 8 pages of world class functionality! It’s ALL ABOUT visual impact – galleries, articles, video, RSS, products and so much more…

Basic Plus Listing

Basic Plus Listing Fact Sheet

The ShowMe Basic Plus Listing: Customisable 5 page Listing to showcase your business! The Basic Plus Listing is the perfect internet presence for a business on a budget…


Online Copywriting

The internet has changed the way people consume information. Today’s online reader is sceptical, impatient and easily distracted, which compels us to write in a way that is more concise and effective. With thousands of messages being delivered to consumers over multiple channels every day…


Basic Listing Fact Sheet

The ShowMe Basic Listing: An affordable, effective, entry–level web presence. If you are a small business just starting out this is the perfect entry level product for you. Benefit from our traffic and search engine results…


Single page ShowMeSite versus multi-page website

We have often been asked whether a single page website is a good or bad idea. This is a debate that has been happening world-wide, especially with more and more traffic moving to mobile devices. The advantages or disadvantages of a single page website depends on the type of service your business offers…


Online Marketing Solution

As the Internet is becoming more and more ingrained in our daily lives, online marketing is becoming more prominent. A professional web presence is almost a necessity if a business is to compete in today’s very competitive business environment. As a result, online marketing is the fastest growing form of media advertising…


Premium E-Commerce Website

Full featured, state-of-the-art E-commerce website packaged with functionality designed to grab the attention of a potential buyer. 12 pages with basic SEO on each page. WooCommerce Online Shop. Fully responsive web design…


Professional Website with Support

The ShowMe® Professional WordPress sites are packaged with a bucket-load of functionality and visual impact. You can build your own solution by adding functionality that you need from a selection of options. Only pay for what you need…